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OpenOffice (formerly StarOffice) is a free and open-source office suite including a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation program, database, and drawing program. It is available for a variety of platforms, including Linux, Microsoft Windows and OS X. Development began in 1996 with the aim of producing an office suite to compete with Microsoft Office.

Under this directory there are folders and files such as:, doc.tar.gz, INSTALL.txt, LICENSE.txt, README.txt, ReleaseNotes.txt, STARDIR.INI.txt, SystemRequirements.txt, WINDIR.INI.txt

The first programs were developed in English, but the community includes programs in Dutch, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Greek, Arabic and many more. Anyone who wants to can code in OpenOffice and our innovative community constantly updates and expands the applications. The foundations of the office program are developed in the project. This project forms an independent organisation to which other open source projects can contribute.

At the moment it is written and tested in Java using Java and Sun Microsystems technologies.The project is governed by the OpenDocument Format License, version 1.1. This license governs the OpenDocument Format (ODF). This format allows “greater freedom and compatibility of all kinds” than the Microsoft Office format. OpenOffice also supports the Microsoft Office OpenXML format. This helps OpenOffice users migrate from Microsoft Office to OpenOffice without having to re-write their documents using a different format.

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Users of also have the option to purchase a subscription, but that costs only 28 EUR per user, per year, which is not nearly as high as the costs of Microsoft Office. The subscription model is also less stable than Microsoft Office. Since the FPS Economy relies on to provide technical support for an important portion of its workforce, it was deemed that an important cost saving could be made by choosing a license model with a low price.

Despite all of the above arguments, users prefer Microsoft Office. The main reason is that the quality of is not as high as that of MS Office. This can be attributed to the lack of a comprehensive update cycle, partly due to the lack of an open source development model, as compared to Microsoft.

This study revealed that most high-level decision makers were aware of the existence of a solution based on and therefore did not know anything about the product. Evidence indicates that they preferred the proprietary office suite over and that they were aware of the potential advantages of In their view, was expensive and necessitated extensive effort on the part of users to manage the portfolio of office documents in a unified way, which also implied an extra effort with respect to licensing. These open source software vendors are not in possession of the same level of maturity as the proprietary vendors. The inevitable differences in the philosophy of the development, however, should not be viewed as a reason for non-adoption. Also, the fact that desktop projects were cost-intensive was not deemed to be a reason for non-adoption, as it was so for other projects, such as the Webserver (Ven, et al, 2007a), or the build system project (Ven, et al, 2007b). On the contrary, a slow and difficult change management process was seen as a good reason for the FPS Economy to take its time. The lack of document separation in, viewed as a technical issue, did not automatically lead to a slower adoption.

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Who Uses OpenOffice and Why Is It Important?

Who Uses OpenOffice and Why Is It Important?

Another facilitator that is common in earlier case studies is the benefit of as an alternative to proprietary office suites. This allows organizations to have continuity in their present proprietary document management system. In the FPS Economy, this was considered a plausible benefit, since existing employees use Microsoft Office-based applications. The same applies to the organization’s communication style, as will allow users to customize the look and feel of their documents. The use of also allows the organization to save money by avoiding the need for a license for Microsoft Office.

Regarding the attitudes of employees towards, the FPS Economy faced the following challenges: not all employees were positive about; and some employees preferred Microsoft Office over The latter could be explained by the common belief that does not allow customization and lacks some of the proprietary Microsoft Office functionalities. Employees, however, were positive about after training, as the functionality was sufficient and allowed users to customize documents. According to the Feasibility study, enabled the workflow of the FPS Economy staff to be as follows: users create documents in Microsoft Office on a large desktop. Those documents are then converted into an ODF format (usually a.rtf file). The converted ODF files are then exported to, where the modified documents can be saved. Users can then use these ODF files with their PCs, laptops, workstations, smart phones, etc. Employees further recognized that saved the organization money by reducing costs associated with using proprietary software. The FPS Economy is currently in the process of implementing an application that can be used by employees to create and modify documents. The application will allow users to create documents in Microsoft Office and convert these documents to Patch For

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What’s new in OpenOffice

What's new in OpenOffice

  • A new “Creator” application is a new tool for generating documents. While it bears the “OpenOffice” name, it is not related to the OpenOffice in the other applications. For example, it is different than the way that MS Word can be used to generate its documents.
  • The Draw feature for graphics and diagrams is now free.
  • There is an import tool which will convert Microsoft Office documents to the OpenOffice format.
  • Compatibility with Microsoft Office documents will be available in OpenOffice 4.0.

OpenOffice Features

  • OpenOffice
  • Presentation
  • Drawing
  • Math
  • Impress
  • Word
  • Calc
  • Database
  • Tools for XSLT and moreā€¦

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