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MAMP form 1 elicits a race specific resistance response, and the corresponding gene has been cloned from several Brassicaceae species. To map the RGA1 gene, we used two populations of 280 A. thaliana individuals. SNP polymorphism revealed that the RGA1 gene was divided into two classes that evolved independently. The alleles responsible for the two classes were shown to be segregating within the two populations.

MAMP form 2 is recognized by the receptor kinase BRAVO, and the corresponding gene has been cloned from several Brassicaceae species. To clone the BVR1 gene, we crossed a PAMP hypersensitive bvr1 mutant line to Landsberg erecta. In doing so, we detected SNP polymorphism surrounding the BVR1 gene, but could not assign the causative mutation.

To determine whether detection of flagellin and EF-Tu evolve redundantly in natural populations, we tested a large panel of A. thaliana genotypes for their response to different variants of these two MAMPs. As a read-out for MAMP perception, we utilized the macroscopic phenotype of seedling growth inhibition (SGI), a phenotypic response shown to correlate closely with MAMP perception in several Brassicaceae species [3]. In assaying quantitative variation in the responses to different MAMP variants and different MAMP classes, and determining the genetic loci underlying this variation via genome-wide association mapping, we shed light on the evolution of this first tier of defense.

The innate immune system of plants is the first line of defense against pathogens and is dedicated to the recognition and elimination of microbial invaders. It is based on a highly conserved network of molecular recognition components that detect the presence of pathogens or microbe-associated molecular patterns (MAMPs). Plant-associated organisms Pseudomonas bacteria are capable of generating several MAMPs and we tested two of the MAMPs that are commonly associated with them, elf18 and flg22. We found that variants of P. syringae elf18 and flg22 sequences that did not activate programmed cell death in A. thaliana and did not cause a HR reaction in A. thaliana upon infection nevertheless induced other defense-related traits such as callose deposition and hydrogen peroxide accumulation. Furthermore, the elf18 variants that were not recognized by the innate immunity receptors also failed to induce defense-related traits in A. thaliana expressing the corresponding A. thaliana receptor genes. Our findings indicate that elf18 and flg22 recognition sites are variable but that the phenotypes reported in the literature are not due to inadequate MAMP recognition.

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For each MAMP, we calculated a distance matrix and performed a hierarchical clustering of the A. thaliana genotypes based on their MAMP-induced SGI response. Genotypes within the same cluster are similar in their SGI response to each MAMP. This suggests that MAMP-induced SGI is genetically encoded within an A. thaliana population and can be used to predict whether certain genotypes are similar to each other based on their MAMP response. Furthermore, we evaluated the potential of the MAMP-induced SGI response to distinguish A. thaliana ecotypes by conducting principal component analysis (PCA) on each genotype. Notably, ecotype Capanna and Moneymaker did not show a clear separation of the two principal components ( Fig 4 ). However, for the elf18 responses of 40 genotypes, PC1 and PC2 explained 32 and 29 % of the variation, respectively ( Fig 4a ). For all MAMPs, we calculated the Pearson correlation coefficient (r) of the MAMP-induced SGI response between the different genotypes and selected the r with the lowest p-value. In total, we identified nine MAMP classes with significant correlation of their induced SGI response in A. thaliana. The significant r-values vary between 0.65 and 0.86, suggesting that close genotypes may experience the same effect in response to one or more of the MAMPs ( Fig 4b ). This is not a random occurrence, as the underlying interactions between MAMP-induced SGI is encoded in the genotypes and influences their MAMP-induced SGI response.

To predict the likelihood of an MAMP-induced SGI response in A. thaliana, we trained an artificial neural network (ANN) by increasing the number of training examples from one to 19. The efficiency of the trained ANN correlated with the number of training examples, with an efficiency of 0.81 when trained on 19 training examples ( Fig 3a ). Furthermore, we determined for each MAMP class, the number of MAMP sequences that were sufficient to generate an ANN with maximum efficiency. We found that an ELF18M, an ELF18BM, a FLAGGM, a FLAGBM and a FLAGM were sufficient to predict the SGI response of any tested genotype ( Fig 3b ). The ANNs (Fig 3a and 3b ) were created using publicly available Python software [ 44 ].

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WordPress is a widely used open-source content management system. Installations grow quickly and the sites owners need to keep track of all these installations. MAMP PRO allows you to clone your WordPress installations. You can create unlimited copies of the same site without the need to find the IP address for each new installation. All clones have the same WordPress version, themes, plugins, and options as the original. Each clone is created as a completely new site, and is available as a simple copy of the original installation, or in a template with pre-configured options.

Patch For MAMP PRO includes some features that will help you quickly build a local server. One of them is the WP-CLI, which is the command line tool that allows you to work with the commands necessary to work with your WordPress websites easily. It also allows you to work quickly with your server without the need to open a window, enter commands in the command line, or redirect the input from a text file. Other features are Cloning a website, installing a theme or plugin, setting up email accounts, creating snippets, and installing WordPress on a Linux server. On top of these features, MAMP PRO also offers a local repository with user defined folders, remote server, FTP connections for uploading files, and the tools to help you create and run your local environment.

If you already use MAMP PRO, you will immediately notice that this new version allows you to access the MAMP Viewer app which offers a Safari browser-based view of your local WordPress site. Thanks to the collaboration between the MAMP developers and, the application now offers an easy way to test and debug local sites on your iOS or Android mobile devices. Additionally, the software now comes with support for Cloudinary, which is a website and image resizing service. Using a service like Cloudinary saves space and time while offering an easy way to resize images for different devices. Finally, the latest version now allows you to edit MAMP PRO core files. This allows you to adjust certain features of the app. You can find a list of all the possible changes in the MAMP Pro release notes.

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What’s new in MAMP PRO

What's new in MAMP PRO

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MAMP PRO System Requirements

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