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Intel delivers power-efficient chipset to promote new world of digital entertainment, flexible functionality to meet on-the-go mobile market demands and elegant design to maximize the enjoyment of digital life. Combined with its popular PowerDVD Player Software, it creates the ideal entertainment experience.

This is the worlds most advanced media player. CyberLink PowerDVD delivers class-leading video file support, a slick and easy-to-use interface, ultrafast, high-quality playback, an extensive range of technologies that improve and enhance home entertainment. PowerDVD 9 is part of the new CyberLink Suite family of products, which brings together, all the CyberLink products you need to turn your PC into a fast, reliable and affordable entertainment center. These products are designed to be used together and, in many cases, are offered together for sale.

The CyberLink Corporation (TSE:2357), through its subsidiaries, develops, manufactures and markets media player software products (including CyberLink PowerDVD), system solutions and lifestyle consumer products, including the CyberLink Suite of products.

CyberLink is a global leader in multimedia software and consumer electronics. Our solutions are designed to allow consumers to enjoy their digital content any time, any place and at home, on the go and in the office. CyberLink products are designed to meet the needs of professionals and artists in the creative industry, creative students, travelers, geeks and hobbyists. CyberLink products are manufactured in Taiwan and the U.S., and sold in over 120 countries.

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If you’re new to CyberLink, you might not see it as value – if you’ve got a PC with Windows Media Center and a quality Blu-ray or DVD player, you’ll probably have no need for CyberLink’s set of tools.

CyberLink PowerDVD brings together many of the best features from each of its media-playing programs, and makes them all work together. If you’re a CyberLink Live subscriber, you can get even more options. For $29.99 you get 30GB of online storage with free photo import and sharing. If you’re not a subscriber, you can buy up to 100GB for $99.99. There’s a lot of smart functionality here, but it’s also very easy to use. We like CyberLink’s Media Portal and Cloud, and we’re always a fan of a flexible content player that can do it all, so CyberLink PowerDVD Serial Key is worth a look.

CyberLink PowerDVD is a fine package. Again, while it’s easy to see why someone would want a standalone player, most other viewers for Blu-ray Discs, DVDs, and even photo libraries all have their own qualities. CyberLink’s suite of programs, though, does it all.

Additionally, you can stream to Xbox One and most PlayStation 3s, but you’ll need to dig out a x.264 encoded file to do so, and iTunes will only work if the video is encoded in H.264. The other issue with sharing to the PS3 is that the System software will only show the video output if it’s on the same HDMI port that PowerDVD is accessing it on. So if you’re aiming for a projector setup, you’ll need to investigate this. The good news is that once the file is open, you can continue streaming and viewing as normal. It’s only when you turn off your TV and try to watch from your PC, that PowerDVD won’t work.

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Although PowerDVD does have its problems, there is a hidden feature in Advanced options that might save the program. You can clone the DVD or Blu-ray discs. You are able to turn on, set up, and view the file as another copy. This can be helpful if you want to watch it again later or if you’ve got an older DVD version that you don’t have a disc for. You can do this for anything you may have encrypted with Burn to disc, a feature that will inevitably erase the disc or media. Only expert users can achieve this, so ensure you have a backup if you want to avoid any issues.

CyberLink Ultra also offers copy and move features. If you select the “Move” option, then the software is able to save files off of the PC and onto a DVD. However, the software can only do this on a DVD, not via an external hard drive. If you transfer data to your own server, then the option to move will not be available.

I also had a few issues with CyberLink PowerDVD Ultra not including Flash support (and therefore not being able to play online content) but these are “niggly” problems that anyone who wants multimedia software should be happy to have. That said, you may want to double-check that you’ve got the right version for your system.

CyberLink includes hardware controllers for supporting AirPlay, DLNA-Network Streaming and KooZoo Cloud Streaming. At last, an application that can actually play online content off of the cloud. The use of hardware integration in CyberLink PowerDVD is great, as you no longer need to purchase a separate device to access your online content

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What's new in CyberLink PowerDVD

  • Seamless media organization and management of your media library
  • Convenient “Instant Play” feature for playback with no loading time
  • Support for Blu-ray disc – True Theatrical viewing experience
  • Support for Automatic Discovery and Full Playback of YouTube movies
  • Support for NetFlix and other video and DVD services
  • Playback of high bit-rate video files – up to 1080p

CyberLink PowerDVD Features

  • Play any file type, including Blu-ray, DVD, and ISO files.
  • Screen-top playback.
  • Recognize all TV formats, including HDTV displays
  • Run on your PC and Mac, with an unlimited number of devices
  • PowerDVD, the world’s best online video player
  • Drag & Drop functionality
  • Stream online video
  • Play and resume without restarting
  • Clean up by removing duplicate and unwanted files
  • Thumbnail preview
  • Easily crop and trim videos
  • Watermark videos
  • Sync your music collection with your Apple iOS devices
  • Record videos and adjust settings on the fly
  • Import your music collection from iTunes.

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