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To speed things up, press Space as you finish with the project and go to the very first additional tab–Playback. The Program starts trimming for you, to remove any overload. If you additionally use a wired speaker for great quality recorded film, you could just drop in the wired format on the sound tab. For the finished effort, you can on the processing tab, select the curve: the blacks, ultra-blacks, and whites, and the restorations you might have made. Alternatively, you can alter the colors on the LUT tab, or on the custom LUT tab.

You should likewise be able to edit the settings as you wish, with custom gamma settings and custom color settings. You need to start out with File > Options > Performance settings. Simply select the triangle on the left of the screen to view the options, with the Performance Tab opening. You possibly can stack brackets to significantly alter the look of the video. For example, I stacked the white chroma-key key and applied a neutral black and white filter to achieve the look of a red and yellow color key. I also began with Cineon Lens Correction Levels, letting me establish the film negative as a starting point.

PowerDirector’s video editing and creative options (PhotoDirector, ColorDirector, and AudioDirector) give a vast number of choices for producing the film. I created a typical 1920×1080 16:9 film, then added music from my iPod and sound effects from the included audio files. I used the Blackout feature to put in a green chroma-key for backgrounds, and used Photoshop’s Eraser tool to burn out areas of the chroma-keyed screen. That’s what you have to do to create a green screen.

PowerDirector is in the elite group of performers when it comes to rendering video projects, but it also feels snappy from the time you start up through all but the most demanding editing activities. CyberLink’s investment in 64-bit optimizations and graphics hardware acceleration has paid off. Other speed-boosters include OpenCL (Open Computing Language) support and intelligent SVRT, which determines how your clips should be rendered for the best-quality output and fastest editing. In my latest round of performance testing, the program remains among the fastest consumer video editing applications.

You can try out the software with a 30-day downloadable trial version that adds brand watermarks and doesn’t support 4K. Two editions of the standalone video editor are available, the $99.99 Ultra and the $139.99 Ultimate. (Note that those prices are often discounted.) Another option is to bundle it with CyberLink’s ColorDirector, AudioDirector, and PhotoDirector in the Director Suite bundle, which is only available as a subscription for $29.99 per month or $129.99 for a year. Finally, you can get PowerDirector 365 (the version tested here) as a $69.99-per-year or $19.

Unlike previous versions of CyberLink PowerDirector, the DVD-/Blu-ray-authoring features are now hidden away under a Tools menu command. I would like to see that accessible via the left-click menu in the same way as the photo features. However, a media browsing tool is also included that lets you drag-and-drop items onto the timeline, or they can be scanned into the project using the built-in camera. You can also record videos directly to the timeline and then save a clip for further editing.

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The smooth style of CyberLink’s new UI has been improved in new HD. There’s also a new look for your favorite tools. Adding optional player controls is a good move for CyberLink (it’s especially applicable to Android users). The UI of the Program Manager project still need work. I wish it displayed the title of the project more prominently. Every title is now over the previous project.

CyberLink, in addition to the main product and standard upgrade, has free versions of PowerDirector and PhotoDirector for Mac and even new versions of the OS X programs. I use the Mac apps, and I particularly like the UI and way they’re packaged. There’s even free versions for Windows and Android. PhotoDirector 6 is available for Android.

CyberLink’s editor lets you save your work in three different profile formats. In addition to the favorites import and export formats already included in previous versions, you can now save your projects to CyberLink’s own CRW (CyberLink’s RAW) format. CRW files are supported by CyberLink Photo, PhotoDirector, and PowerDirector, among other programs.

CobrLink PhotoDirector is fast, loads movies into the project, and supports OpenCL to speed up the Core Image Engine. The program’s other new feature is its video rendering engine: CyberLink’s TrueTheater Technology. It lets you see a 2D composite of the rendered movie with your actual footage (rather than just a 3D model). This feature is live, but it may crash on the more complex shots. CyberLink’s 3D render engine is a powerful and stable under the hood option. It has some useful features for a 2D editor such as the ability to process 2D to 3D shots seamlessly, one of the best 3D texturing systems I’ve tried, and deep adjustments to texturing, lighting, and shading. Its a good value for under $10.

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CyberLink Director Suite 365 v10.0 System Requirements

  • Mac OS X 10.0.5 or later
  • 1G RAM or higher
  • 80M HDD or higher

  • New custom menus and leads to are as of now accessible, along with the introduction of this new mode, this variant is accessible in HD and 1080p video format and additionally Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox are supported.
  • You can now scan for recordings from a pc for PowerDirector.
  • A heap of highlights can be altered: masters, focal points, lables, soundtracks, overlays, and so on.
  • Send video files with the camera gadget.
  • Support HD pictures of up to 4K x 4K.
  • Offers the one of a kind SoundShrink application for sound system compression.
  • A heap of additional progressions and highlights.
  • Fixes and updates.

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