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Download Aiseesoft FoneTrans Registration Code allows you to transfer photos, music, videos and many other files from iPod/iPhone/iPad to computer with ease. You can use it to transfer text messages, audio files, music files, contacts etc. from iOS devices to other iOS devices.

Want to transfer files from a computer to iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod, and others? Welcome to FoneTrans With this iOS File Transfer, you can backup music from iPhone / iPod to computer or just import music from computer to iPhone / iPod. Aiseesoft FoneTrans Full Version provides another easy way to exchange songs between different iOS devices like iOS and iPod. It also allows you to sync music from iPhone / iPod / iPad to iTunes without playing iTunes. FoneTrans allows you to backup, restore or transfer personal media files (audio, video, photo, document) between iPad and iPhone/iPod/ iPod Touch. Aiseesoft FoneTrans Keygen provides another easy way to exchange songs between different iOS devices such as iOS and iPod. It also allows you to sync music from iPhone / iPod / iPad to iTunes without playing iTunes. You want to transfer your iPhone contacts to a computer for backup or transfer your contacts to a new iPhone.

FoneTrans can transfer photos to iPod Touch. You don’t need iTunes to import music and videos from iPod. It also helps you transfer music, movies and photo from iOS device to iTunes. Get access to all contents on your iPad and iPhone.

FoneTrans Transfer and manage contacts are powerful and amazing. It is easy to use, features like creating new contacts, edit existing contacts, merge duplicate contacts, backup contacts, backup photos. Moreover, FoneTrans supports to export and import contacts directly from iPhone or iPod Touch to iPhone.

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FoneTrans for Mac is a powerful and simple tool that makes iPhone/iPad/iPod touch to Mac or Mac to iPhone transfer with almost any kind of file fast and easy. The program is optimized to work with Touch ID, so you can use it to add new contacts or edit existing contact information, such as name, field, phone, email, URL, address, birthday, date, associated name, instant message, and more. FoneTrans for Mac also offers users a direct transfer between different iOS devices. When you change an iPhone, you dont have to worry about transferring the contacts, music, and other data to your new iPhone.

FoneTrans for Mac is the easiest way to transfer music, video, and photos to your Mac from iPhone/iPad/iPod touch. The program supports drag & drop operation. You can even use it to complete a direct transfer between different iOS devices.

You can transfer your song and movie and magazine from iPhone to iPad, iPod, or Windows Phone with the help of Aiseesoft FoneTrans download. In addition to that, this iOS data migration tool also lets you move album art, ringtones, wallpapers and videos to another iOS devices. You can do more with this audio and video tool as long as you want to.

One of the most useful devices on your computer, iPhone, or iPad, or other device is song and movie and magazine. You’d better take good care of them because many of them are important reminder for you. Aiseesoft FoneTrans download is the best mobile data recovery tool for iPhone, iPad, iPod, Windows phone, Samsung and Sony Android devices.

iOS backup and transfer software. Aiseesoft FoneTrans registration code includes the convenience of iOS data transferring. In fact, this data migration tool can not only copy the file list for you to back up your data, but also backup the photos, videos, ringtones and wallpapers among all kinds of content to your computer. These days, with the fast development of the internet, information is more important to us. You may forget to backup your files because the data we use is too large and need more time for backups. With Aiseesoft FoneTrans, you can do the backup and transfer task very easily and quickly. Because the data that you use is very important to you, and the loss of these data would definitely affect your life. Some music files, movie files and photos are more important to you. So you should take more time to backup your data. When it comes to the data that you forget to back up, the most important thing is not the size of the data, but the safety of the data. The loss of these data will definitely affect your work and life. When you have a good backup, you feel very safe and can do more things.

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Who Uses Aiseesoft FoneTrans and Why Is It Important?

Who Uses Aiseesoft FoneTrans and Why Is It Important?

You can use FoneTrans to move photos, videos, ring tones, contacts and other information between iOS devices and computers. FoneTrans is designed to help you manage the photos, videos and music in your iOS device.

Aiseesoft FoneTrans Serial Key Crack/Keygen do every things your iTunes does, but its easy to use. And also, it’s even easier to transfer items to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Your data will never be lost during synchronize to your phone, so you can use it again. The latest version enables you to copy your music files and videos to your mobile phone as well as copy any photo or voice memo from your device to your computer.

Aiseesoft FoneTrans is a useful software that you can use to convert your songs, videos, documents. After the conversion, you can transfer them to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. It is such a convenient and highly efficient tool.

FoneTrans is a great tool to share and sync contacts, calendars, emails between different iOS devices such as iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Mac PC. And since this aseesoft tool also has a powerful search option, you can just locate the file you want in seconds and share it to your friends. With the Aiseesoft FoneTrans crack you can easily synchronize iTunes library to iTunes and make it easier to synchronize the music, videos, document files on your iPhone.

FoneTrans is a very convenient way to synchronize iPhone contacts to any other device, and since it’s easy to use, this tool will be your best choice for an alternative to iTunes. You can easily transfer contacts, calendars, call history and more to any device you choose. And FoneTrans can work in either direction.

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Aiseesoft FoneTrans Features

Aiseesoft FoneTrans Features

  • Import voice memos from iPhone/iPad/iPod and most other SD card
  • Support more formats of voice memos
  • Export voice memos to iPhone/iPad/iPod and most other SD card
  • Support export as MP3/MP4/WAV/AMR
  • Support export as PDF
  • Support DEVICES/Synchronize/Audio
  • Support no-fs/watchdog for voice memo transferring
  • Support import/export CD tracks
  • Support direct transfer to iPod/iPhone/iPad with iCloud
  • Support supports Android
  • Support backup/restore on SD card
  • Support supports iTunes
  • Support supports Android SD card

What’s new in Aiseesoft FoneTrans

  • Full support Windows 10.
  • Support multi-drive, dual-drive Windows system backup.
  • Seamless iOS/Android transfer through third-party Android Transfer for Android or iOS Data Transfer
  • Use audio fingerprinting technology to search for the lost your lost messages, e.g. lose the voice on your iPhone and you can find it from the computer
  • The operation of transferring Android/iOS voice memos to computer can be completed through the Android/iOS Data Transfer,
  • FoneTrans can backup your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch data and restore it on a new iPhone/iPad/iPod touch. You can backup iPhone/iPad/iPod touch data to computer or transfer data between computer and iPhone/iPad/iPod.
  • For iPod touch, you can drag your preferred music list from your iPhone to it and the other way around.
  • The operation of converting, editing, and playing the music on computer and iPhone/iPod touch.

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